12 Exquisite White and Gold Bedroom Inspirations for Elegant Ambiance

12 Exquisite White And Gold Bedroom Inspirations

There are many ways to decorate your room, but a white and gold bedroom is definitely one of the most charming and attractive color combinations.

This is an easy trick to elevate the decor in your bedroom. These colors will evoke an elegant ambiance that is luxurious and full of taste.

White is extremely neutral, so you can easily match it with other patterns or colors. It’s even suitable for small rooms, as the brightness can open up space and make it feel much bigger. Besides, white is a timeless choice that will never feel outdated even as the years go by.

Meanwhile, the gold color provides a touch of elegance or luxury without completely overwhelming the design. It is a nice contrast to the white too. You can incorporate gold through the bed frame, paintings, pillows, or even rugs.

Feel free to play with the wall paint, furniture, bedsheets, and other elements to blend these two colors. From making them the dominating shades or balancing the scheme with other bold colors, there really is no limit.

Are you stuck with your bedroom interior and have no idea where to start? To spark your creativity, we have compiled 12 exquisite white and gold bedroom inspirations for you!

1. Classic and Comfortable White Bedroom Walls with Golden Wire Frames and Mirrors

classic and comfortable white bedroom walls with golden wire frames and mirrors
classic and comfortable white bedroom walls with golden wire frames and mirrors. image © Golden Key Designs

In our first image here, you can see how easy it is to create a timeless and comfortable bedroom with white and gold colors. The dominating shade is white, which immediately functions to make the room feel spacious, clean, and bright.

Start with white walls, sheets, sheer curtains, and a white bedside table. These will be the foundation of your new bedroom.

In this interior, the gold accents serve to balance out the monotonous look. You can use golden wire frames for a simple yet charming bed.

The gold wall and standing mirrors match this antique or worn-out shade to add more character. It really is hard to go wrong with these classic choices. You can also add some depth with gray or cream pillows!

2. White and Gold Accents in a Bedroom for a Timeless and Glamorous Look

white and gold accents in a bedroom for a timeless and glamorous look
white and gold accents in a bedroom for a timeless and glamorous look. image © marypowellphotography.com

Maybe you’re looking for something more glamorous and less toned down. The photo above is a perfect example of a white and gold bedroom that looks timeless yet still uniquely gorgeous.

This bedroom is covered in plenty of gray, which is proof that you can choose a darker tone while still incorporating white and gold accents. In fact, using them more sparingly can make the effect more powerful.

For example, the white pillows and trimmings on the ceiling look very clean against the gray color. This is a good way to use some element of white without making it the main attraction.

For the hints of gold, you can use starburst decorations to create a sort of accent wall. It gives you a nice centerpiece that is classy and pretty. Plus, the gold picture frames and chandelier also subtly add to this luxurious theme.

If you want to really recreate the look of this room, try completing the interior with an off-white carpet. It can make space feel much cozier and goes well with the classic yet comfortable ambiance.

3. Contemporary White Bedroom with Gold Bed frame for a sense of Grandeur

contemporary white bedroom with gold bed frame for a sense of grandeur
contemporary white bedroom with gold bed frame for a sense of grandeur. image © gulledgehomes.com

There is nothing like a gold-colored statement piece to transform your bedroom into something quite masterful. If you see the photo above, this contemporary white bedroom does not shy away from bold designs. The gold bed frame immediately draws the eye with its thick structure and shiny finish.

To counteract this extravagance, the rest of the room is pretty toned down. Try embracing the white color for this, which you can see includes the white armchair, bedsheets, rug, curtains, and even paint. You could also have a light wood floor to add to the modern feel of this bedroom.

You can see how the bedside table is a small dresser in a light brown and almost golden hue that complements the color scheme without overwhelming it. We also love the elegant lamp for additional detail. A similar model is available from Global Views, called Luxe Stacked Faceted Crystal Gemstone Table Lamp.

If you want to add a subtle touch of greenery and life, we recommend a modest plant near your armchair. Like in this picture, a single leaf sits inside a transparent vase.

4. Traditional yet Cozy Bedroom with White Sheets and Antique Golden Accessories

traditional yet cozy bedroom with white sheets and antique golden accessories
traditional yet cozy bedroom with white sheets and antique golden accessories. image © House of L

This design is perfect for those who prioritize a cozy atmosphere above all else, as the dark tones here provide a nice sense of warmth. However, the gray and beige colors do not take away from the stunning white and gold touches.

For instance, note how the white sheets stand out against the gray headboard and yellow throw blanket. This could immediately draw attention to the bed, making it feel much more inviting when you step inside after a long day.

Add to that a pair of creamy white bedside tables and lamps for the truly cozy bed setup. You can make these tables and lamps only slightly match, as the variety evokes some personality. You can check out Hudson Valley Lighting for this intricate lamp design.

To complete the look, add a simple yet stunning chandelier to bring the interior together. You could also hang a gold mirror near the door and gold drawer handles too. Finally, covering the floor in the gray carpet will make sure that the space feels very homey.

5. Stunning Master Bedroom with White Headboard and Touches of Gold

stunning master bedroom with white headboard and touches of gold
stunning master bedroom with white headboard and touches of gold. image © janjonesllc.com

In this stunning master bedroom, the main color scheme consists of white, gold, and gray. By now, you may have noticed that this is a popular combination that always works! Start with gray walls and carpeting as the base.

For the carpet or rug, you could get the same one from Interior Resources. This dark gray color and soft texture make this space seem cozier.

In terms of the white elements, you can add a captivating light fixture or chandelier. The same goes for heavy white curtains that drape beautifully around your windows. In this photo, you can see a white table lamp and bedsheets, too, although the latter is covered with another gray blanket and some yellow pillows.

This is a brilliant mix of different colors to avoid having a monotonous look. Plus, it makes the bedroom feel more lived-in. You can add touches of gold through a mirror, hung frames, and coffee table.

The gold coffee table is an antique piece from Debris Dallas. You might not be able to find the exact same one, but it’s an opportunity for you to express your own style!

6. White and Gold Bedroom with Floral Patterns to Evoke a Feminine Vibe

white and gold bedroom with floral patterns to evoke a feminine vibe
white and gold bedroom with floral patterns to evoke a feminine vibe. image © Creative Group Interiors

For this next white and gold bedroom inspiration, try blending the colors with brave floral patterns. This is perfect for those who want a feminine vibe that is still elegant and modern. In this case, the gorgeous wallpaper comes from Anewall at Pottery Barn.

To suitably balance the accent wall, you can paint the other 3 sides in simple white. Having white sheets, a bedside table, and other small decorations also help to tie the colors and patterns together.

You could also introduce gold accents with a simple yet charming bed frame, which is from West Elm. Add other matching elements with a gold-framed mirror, gold dresser handles, and lampstand.

Of course, you would also need to maintain the feminine touch, which can be done by adding subtle pink decor. This includes the throw blanket for a little extra warmth. Furthermore, having gray carpeted flooring also helps make space feel more homely.

7. White Bed And Gold Pillows on a Dark Wood Floor for Expensive-Looking Bedroom

white bed and gold pillows on a dark wood floor for expensive-looking bedroom
white bed and gold pillows on a dark wood floor for expensive-looking bedroom. image © finleyyves.com

If you see the image above, this contemporary bedroom looks expensive in such an effortless way. That’s because it aptly combines a huge white bed with gold pillows and dark wood flooring. It is a brilliant method to play with contrasts and complementary elements.

The plush bed that you see here is custom-made, but we are sure any high-quality bed and furniture maker in your local area would be able to create a similar model. What’s important is to have the plush and soft headboard, fluffy mattress, and thick white sheets.

On top of that, placing gold square pillows that match the other gold accents in the room will be great. This includes the sparkling bronze armchair, velvet throw blanket, gold table lamps, and tray for added detail.

If you want to go all-in, the beaded white chandelier also provides a graceful touch. You can see how it almost looks translucent against the white walls, but that’s what makes it so beautiful.

8. An Eclectic Sanctuary of White Bedroom Highlighted by Gold Throw, Lamps, and Mirrors

an eclectic sanctuary of white bedroom highlighted by gold throw, lamps, and mirrors
an eclectic sanctuary of white bedroom highlighted by gold throw, lamps, and mirrors. image © shabbyslipsaustin.com

Another great idea for a gold and white color scheme is to pair them with a patterned carpet. It covers the entire flooring in a fun and whimsical way. But when you combine this with white walls, plush white furniture, and gold accessories, the room will still look opulent.

You can start with a white bedroom as the base, from the sheets, pillows, bench, to side dresser and sheer curtains. Then it’s time to embellish with the gold additions! You can get the same lights and mirrors from Shabby Slips Austin Interiors, which have an antique look that is perfect for this style.

Consider placing a yellow gold throw blanket, an accent pillow, and a small coffee table too. In any bedroom, a lot that makes it seem to put together is the details like these.

9. White Bed with Gold Furniture and Warm Lighting Creates a Cottage-Like Oasis

white bed with gold furniture and warm lighting creates a cottage-like oasis
white bed with gold furniture and warm lighting creates a cottage-like oasis. image © craighomesinc.com

Perhaps modern and simple styles are not your cup of tea, and you prefer a classic or cottage-like vibe. In that case, you may find your next inspiration in the photo attached above!

This farmhouse bedroom has muted yellow walls that match the gold highlights throughout, including the art piece above the bed and bedside dresser. The curtains also have a similar shade to go together with this color scheme.

Additionally, you can see how the white bed really stands out against this yellow and gold-tinged ambiance. It separates the bed as a place of rest and sleep, making it look very inviting and cozy. You can also add another white dresser with table lamps and additional decoration.

To complement the medium-tone wood floor, you can place a large off-white rug in the center of the room. It creates a cozy atmosphere without actually using carpets as your flooring, which means you can change it up whenever you want.

10. Get the Elegant Look with White Sheets and Gold Chandelier for your Bedroom

get the elegant look with white sheets and gold chandelier for your bedroom
get the elegant look with white sheets and gold chandelier for your bedroom. image © therefinedgroup.com

Nothing says elegance than a simple combination of white and gold in a bedroom, and the image above will prove you that.

You have white walls and dark wood flooring as the blank canvas, and placing a plush bed frame will set the rest of the tone. This bed frame has been custom-made through Palm Design Group. Meanwhile, you can achieve the same walls using Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee paint.

Next, you can use white sheets for that clean yet modern vibe, while gold-embroidered square pillows and cream blankets will add more dimensions.

The centerpiece in this bedroom is no doubt the gold chandelier which you can get from Prestige Chandelier. It is a Tara Shaw Italian wedding chandelier. This beautiful structure hangs proudly in the middle of the room like a medieval piece that has survived the test of time without looking old or outdated at all.

This elegant look is matched with the set of lounge chairs and coffee table at the foot of the bed. To top it off, hang some unique mirrors with intricate gold carvings. You can also install dark brown or gold curtains too.

11. Gold Pillow and Light Fixtures with White Walls for a Contemporary Bedroom

gold pillow and light fixtures with white walls for a contemporary bedroom
gold pillow and light fixtures with white walls for a contemporary bedroom. image © imgnyc.com

For our next design inspiration, you will see that the photo depicts a contemporary master bedroom that is dominantly white, brown, and gold. There is definitely a failproof color combination for an easy yet classic room interior.

The white sheets and pillows are complemented with some beige blankets and a gold square pillow, which adds some color to the sleeping area. You can use dark wood bedside tables to introduce some natural elements. This evokes an earthy tone that is neutral and timeless.

Moreover, the gold accents could continue with some antique gold lamps. We couldn’t find the exact model like the one shown on the image, but Globe Electric sells a similar model called Novogratz x Globe Haydel 21″ 2-Light Matte Brass Table Lamp.

Finally, you should consider hanging some kind of wall decoration above the bed for added detail. There is a white Juju Hat from Accent Touch here. The textured decor also provides some more variation and depth to the whole room.

12. Choose Graceful and Intricate White Furniture with Golden Trimmings

choose graceful and intricate white furniture with golden trimmings
choose graceful and intricate white furniture with golden trimmings. image © suzannekasler.com

You can never go wrong with timeless designs, and this inspiration photo is for those who like classic trends and details. In this elegant traditional bedroom, the dominating color scheme is set by white furniture. However, the bedframe, bench, dresser, frames, and lamps all feature gold trimmings.

We think it’s a great way to add some royalty color, as gold is, without making the space feel tacky. The wall paint itself comes from Benjamin Moore’s collection, in Ivory White shade.

For the bedroom bench, it is a Louis XVI Bench style from Kindel, although the upholstery seems to have been changed. Like in this image, you can get detailed patterns to make the room appear more English countryside and elegant.

To tie the room together, try hanging some blue silk drapes. We recommend going for a lighter baby blue color so as to not clash with the white and gold in the room. You can even match this blue shade with your sheets and headboard colors!


That wraps up the 12 images that we have gathered of the white and gold bedroom to inspire you. We hope you can use these designs as a starting point for your own bedroom. You have seen several different ways you can incorporate these colors into the interior.

For example, from having accent walls and statement bed frame to subtle touches like pillows or decor pieces. White is certainly a neutral base that you can easily mix and match with other colors. This is why it pairs up well with gold, which carries much more character and thus can balance it well.

In designing your dream bedroom, white and gold is a great combination to evoke some elegance. Feel free to experiment with your own style and allow your creativity to run wild. Of course, it’s still important to consider if any of the other colors or patterns clash.