13 Best Front Door Colors for Tan House

13 Best Front Door Colors For Tan House

When designing your house’s exterior, one of the most important elements has to be the front door. It can be an inviting feature to tie in the overall design of the house.

Beyond that, the front door acts as a design centerpiece too. Of course, choosing a front door color depends on what the rest of the house looks like.

In this case, we will be talking about tan houses, as it’s a popular favorite among homeowners across the globe. What should your front door color be for a tan house? Whatever the style, it’s generally a good idea to have dark or vibrant shades that will stand out against the tan paint.

The great thing about having a tan house is that it is a very neutral and versatile color. This means you can easily match and adapt various elements of the exterior, and they will most likely look good!

One fail-proof tip is to try to create contrasts, but don’t be afraid to use similar-toned colors too. The latter can create a unique yet captivating allure to your front porch! Without further ado, let’s look at 13 of the gorgeous front door colors for a tan house.

1. Carolina Blue Front Door on a Tan House for Whimsical Porch

carolina blue front door on a tan house for whimsical porch
carolina blue front door on a tan house for whimsical porch. image © Beth Goldfarb

For our first front door color inspiration that would look good in your tan house, the keyword is whimsical. We mentioned earlier that playing off contrasts is always a good idea when it comes to the front doors of a tan house, and this is the case here.

Try installing a vibrant Carolina blue front door that would simply look enchanting. It’s a really playful design to showcase the charming side of your house. The door could even be glass-paneled to add a modern and contemporary touch.

Adding some flowers like in this photo is also a brilliant idea. For instance, you could hang an orange wreath to enhance that playful ambiance and place a standing pot in the corner of the porch. This elegant entryway design is perfect for a slight nautical vibe, too, especially if you have a circular window.

To tie the colorful theme neatly together, throw in a light rattan patio chair with matching Carolina blue upholstery. This can be a comfy place to enjoy your coffee in the morning or late afternoon as you take in the surrounding neighborhood from your beautiful front porch!

2. Glass Front Door to Complete Beige Color Limestone Exterior for Contemporary Luxury

glass front door to complete beige color limestone exterior for contemporary luxury
glass front door to complete beige color limestone exterior for contemporary luxury. image © pacificpeninsula.com

If elegance, class, and luxury are words that describe your personal taste, then the photo above will surely take your breath away. In this stunning beige limestone house, a beautiful glass front door complements the massive and numerous windows spread throughout the architecture.

The house itself is built with creamy beige limestone, although we recommend getting the exact shade by consulting with your local stone supplier. It could be a good idea to consider how the overall build would fit into your surrounding landscape.

Natural light is always an important part of a house. If this is something you prioritize, then adding a glass front door to match your windows can be excellent. In this photo, the door has black edges that set it apart from the white or brown-colored windowsills.

To achieve this type of contemporary luxury style, it works best if the house is located in a large plot of land. This lets you plant plenty of trees around to make your home feel more luscious and verdant. Besides, these trees will frame your house and stunning glass door in a graceful way.

3. Tan Front Door for a Subtly Tan House to Evoke the Clean Traditional Look

tan front door for a subtly tan house to evoke the clean traditional look
tan front door for a subtly tan house to evoke the clean traditional look. image © tylarkins.com

Yes, we talked about contrasts and using vivid or bright colors for the front door. But sometimes, going classic with a tan front door can be a masterful choice. This works especially well if your house has a subtly tan color that almost looks like an off-white shade. It creates a clean traditional look for this brick home style.

You can get the exterior paint from Ty Larkins Interiors, although you do have to pay to find out the exact recipe for this custom shade. It might be a good idea to customize your own tan colors that will suit your house best!

After that, all you need to do is ensure that your front door has a tan color that is many shades darker. This will help establish a beautiful compliment that still stands out. You can go all out and complete the look by creating an arched portico that stands on two stone pillars.

For added touches, consider placing some clean-cut pots of greens and planting some shrubberies along the front of the house too. Moreover, you might want to hang a Williamsburg Lantern from Bevolo.

4. Sycamore Tan House with A Dark Wood Front Door Equals to Rustic yet Classy

sycamore tan house with a dark wood front door equals to rustic yet classy
sycamore tan house with a dark wood front door equals to rustic yet classy. image © mascord.com

If you look at the photo above, you can see how this tan house plays with different materials to create a rustic charm. The result is a traditional and authentic vibe while still exuding a particular touch of classy contemporaneity.

This dark wood front door is actually a garage-style door from Wayne Dalton, with a beautiful natural texture and glass panels that infuse both the indoors and outdoors together. Above it, the Destination Lighting Fixtures by Elk can be seen to add a warm and cozy glow for the front door.

The house itself uses paint from Sherwin Williams. The color is Sycamore Tan – SW 2855 for the body and Urbane Bronze – SW 7048 for the trim.

Additionally, the concrete floor path that leads to the front door can create a dramatic entrance leading up to it. With the combination of wood, concrete, and stone, you really get a sense of nature being interwoven into the house. We think this design is a perfect inspiration if you like ranch houses and countryside charms.

5. Dark Brown Front Door Complements Beveled Beige Siding in A Colonial-Style House

dark brown front door complements beveled beige siding in a colonial-style house
dark brown front door complements beveled beige siding in a colonial-style house. image © sundeleafpainting.com

Still, on the argument that neutral colors can work for a tan house, this image shows how a dark brown front door can enhance a beige house. This colonial-style building uses beveled siding and has plenty of windows that look visually similar to the front door.

This type of house is timeless because it evokes an old-time grandiose that will never go out of style. Instead of choosing bold colors, the dark brown shade for the front door is the ideal choice. It still stands out against the beige exterior and white windows.

With that said, the front door color is still neutral enough that it does not need to be a shock factor to captivate. Its wooden frame is also filled with small panels of glass to create a colonial allure to the look. Besides, this allows more sunlight to stream through and illuminate the inside of the house.

If you are going for a sense of grandeur as colonial-styled buildings often do, consider elevating it with a majestic pathway or staircase if possible. Line this path with shrubs, potted plants, and flowers. Having a well-trimmed garden around helps too.

6. Jamestown Blue Front Door Color Adds the Fun to Muted Tan Farmhouse

jamestown blue front door color adds the fun to muted tan farmhouse
jamestown blue front door color adds the fun to muted tan farmhouse. image © bardwellhomes.com

With this photo, we are moving on from the classic and neutral palette to a more modern and fun one. While its essence is still a traditional farmhouse, the color choice of bright and clean shades will make this house appear more contemporary at the same time.

You can recreate this exact look by getting a Jamestown Blue front door from Benjamin Moore (HC – 148), which provides a beautiful pop of color to the muted tan exterior. For that, you can use the Distant Gray paint also from Benjamin Moore. Meanwhile, the shutters can use Amherst Gray for another stunning contrast.

Completing this farmhouse look will not succeed without a charming porch roof. For the same design, you can paint the ceilings with Benjamin Moore 1592 Blue Springs. Some brick flooring will also be a good touch to truly ground the house to the surrounding nature.

7. Country House Looking Classically Charming with A Sky Blue Front Door Color

country house looking classically charming with a sky blue front door color
country house looking classically charming with a sky blue front door color. image © djfbuilders.com

Another excellent way to decorate your house exterior in a classic but charming way is embracing the country style. This will be a great option if the houses in your neighborhood are not too close together, which gives you space to cultivate a lush garden that will complement the house design.

The front door color for this is a beautiful shade of sky blue, which contrasts the tan house without really overpowering its appeal. This exact color is called Wythe Blue HC -143, and you can get it to achieve the same look. Considering getting glass-paneled doors to that would go well with the windows.

In the photo above, the country-style house has similar vibes to its windows and doors for a uniformly charming facade. You can also use the CertainTeed Landmark shingles in Silver Birch, as well as add Pearl Gray-colored metal railings along the porch.

The housing body itself is painted in Oyster White SW 7637. Strictly speaking, this would be considered white instead of a tan color. But because it gives off a more creamy instead of clean-white shade, we can easily consider it a tan house!

8. Glass-Paneled Natural Wood Front Door for A Modern & Tan House

glass-paneled natural wood front door for a modern & tan house
glass-paneled natural wood front door for a modern & tan house. image © finecraftcontractors.com

By now, you would have noticed that a lot of houses have a glass-paneled front door. There is a lot of reason to go down this route, but mostly because glass is evocative of modern and contemporary styles. It also helps the house seem more welcoming and inviting for both you and your guests.

In this transitional contemporary house, the tan exterior is aptly adorned by a glass-paneled natural wood front door. You can get this same exact double door from LePage, or browse through the selection for similar styled doors.

One of the best things about this house is its relatively darker tan color, which is suitable if you would like a warmer and earthier tone. The effect is a house that doesn’t look as cold but rather simple, cozy, and unpretentious.

If you want the same beige stucco, you can ask local A&F applicators to help you achieve that. Meanwhile, the window and door trims are painted in Benjamin Moore black paint. Simple but beautiful.

Not only that, there is a subtle sense of symmetry in the design and structure of this particular house. As you can see, the windows on the second floor are carefully aligned with the first-floor windows, front door, and garage doors.

To further accentuate this charming detail, we recommend hanging uniform lanterns on an exact height above the doors and windows. It’s a clever way to add outdoor lighting that is still stylish and very much tasteful.

9. Arched Alder Wood Front Door to Create Quintessential Country Ranch Vibes

arched alder wood front door to create quintessential country ranch vibes
arched alder wood front door to create quintessential country ranch vibes. image © Meier Custom Built Homes, LLC

In this photo, let us revisit the classic country ranch house again! There’s a reason why this design is so popular and beloved, even through the years. With chopped white limestone, you can easily achieve an exterior body just like this.

If you want to evoke the quintessence of a classic country ranch house, then consider cutting out your front door to be arched. This design is unique and immediately captivating, which means the front door won’t be lost with all the architecture of the house.

Most importantly, this alder front door has a natural dark wood color and is fitted with large translucent glasses. These Flemish glasses look stunning next to the limestone veneered walls around the door. If you install yellow lights inside, this could create a golden glow on your front door that will look quite lovely in contrast to the tan stonework. This exact door is available in Maverick Door & Millwork.

Furthermore, the front porch of this house has stained concrete and groove ceiling, as well as simple cedar posts. It has an overall atmosphere of comfortable country life.

10. Try A Black Front Door Color for A Bold and Timeless Tan Exterior

try a black front door color for a bold and timeless tan exterior
try a black front door color for a bold and timeless tan exterior. image © Affordable Interiors

We’ve looked at tan and vibrant front doors, but don’t forget about black. This classic and neutral color is basic for a reason. In this bold and timeless tan house, the black front door color is quite eye-catching.

For this particular house, the door had been purchased from Home Depot back in 2006. While the exact model may not be manufactured anymore, we’re sure you can easily find similar ones. Alternatively, you could always get a local carpenter to customize it for you.

Made from Brazilian mahogany, the paint is just a simple black color – you cannot go wrong with this! The satin finish is preferable so that your front door is not shiny. You can further embellish the door by installing a solid brass knocker. This adds to that old-world charm that is antique and fascinating!

11. Reflecting Pool Front Door in A Beige House to Evoke Tropical Beach Style

reflecting pool front door in a beige house to evoke tropical beach style
reflecting pool front door in a beige house to evoke tropical beach style. image © glennlaytonhomes.com

For our next photo, this house is perfect for any beach lover who wants their house to evoke a tropical beachside vibe all year long. Not only is this charming, but you can also feel on holiday right within your own home!

The front door color of this beige house is Sherwin Williams Reflecting Pool (SW 6486), which is matched to the porch ceilings and even stairs. Coupled with the Tony Taupe SW7038 body of the house, these two tones are very relaxing and calming.

If you want the full beach house vibe, go ahead and plant some palm trees next to your front porch. Don’t worry if this is not possible. You can always opt for some potted plants on the porch, which you can also see in the photo.

Moreover, the decking for this gorgeous house is Gravel Path color from Trex. While this house is medium-sized, you can be sure that these colors can work well on a house of any size!

12. Charming Cottage Style with Pella Tan Front Door Color and Beige Siding Exterior

charming cottage style with pella tan front door color and beige siding exterior
charming cottage style with pella tan front door color and beige siding exterior. imaeg © mainstreetdesignbuild.com

In this charming cottage pictured above, notice how the beige siding pops out even more with the Pella tan front door. This color is by Alside with the color Bronze #92 and is the same shade as the window trims.

Talking about windows, these boxes have matching corbels and pleated copper roofing to pay homage to the post-war bungalow that this building used to be. You can do the same for your house to evoke a quaint but beautiful old-world look.

While the door itself is a regular rectangular shape, you can frame it with an arched structure painted in deep brown to highlight the entryway. Try hanging a gold lantern above that for extra lighting and decoration too.

As in the picture, it makes sense that a house of this style looks the most magical during autumn when golden leaves cover the ground and red-tinged trees become the backdrop. But surely it’s not hard to imagine the exterior looking just as magnificent in the winter, spring and summer too!

13. Ornate Bronze Iron Doors Will Exude Royalty and Elegance from Your Tan House

ornate bronze iron doors will exude royalty and elegance from your tan house
ornate bronze iron doors will exude royalty and elegance from your tan house. image © Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Last but not least, we have one final inspiration for a royal and luxurious tan house. This Mediterranean style is completed with an ornate bronze iron front door. It is wrought with detailed art and shapes that will immediately attract the eye.

For this exact door, it is available at Cantera Wrought Iron Doors Porto Ferro PB-413-DDTF; make sure to get the bronze finish. You can see how the dark color of the iron stands out against the beige house, while the design itself exudes elegance.

Moreover, the body of the house is in Sherwin Williams SW 2827 Colonial Revival, while the trim is painted in SW 7526 Maison Blanche. You can definitely go for these shades to get a similar vibe in your own house. However, don’t hesitate to experiment and see what works best for you!


All in all, these are 13 beautiful best front door colors for a tan house that you can use to inspire your own front door. From the various options we have given, you can get a sense of what design or style suits you the most.

Certainly, there are many ways to make the facade of your tan house more charming. While you can paint your front door in so many colors, the best one should complement the tan shade of your exterior.

We have mentioned some aspects to keep in mind, including playing with contrasts and textures. At the same time, don’t be afraid to challenge your creative limits too. Good luck and happy decorating!