13 Beautiful Blue and Yellow Kitchen Designs to Inspire You

13 Most Beautiful Blue And Yellow Kitchen Designs To Inspire You

The interior appeal of a blue and yellow kitchen is almost always failproof. Both may seem like bright colors that do not go well together, but the fact is this combination can elevate any kitchen style to a new level.

There are multiple shades of blue and yellow, so knowing how to incorporate these color elements into your kitchen will make a difference. When done right, a blue and yellow kitchen might be the key to the kitchen of your dreams.

The color blue is calming and relaxing, which is something you would want in your home. Meanwhile, the warmer tones of yellow can evoke happiness, optimism, and comfort.

One crucial thing to note is to decide how you blend these colors carefully. Choose the specific shade that could complement each other and think about how you want to include it. Through wall paints, backsplash, lighting, or more minor details throughout the room?

We have gathered 13 of the most beautiful kitchen interiors with blue and yellow as its primary color scheme. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Midcentury Kitchen with Blue Accent Wall and Yellow Lighting for a Cozy Feel

midcentury kitchen with blue accent wall and yellow lighting for a cozy feel
midcentury kitchen with blue accent wall and yellow lighting for a cozy feel. image © danielsheehan.com

If you look at the picture above, you will notice that this spacious kitchen feels exceptionally cozy and warm. That’s because the midcentury style of wood and dramatic lighting combines bold yet stylish colors.

In this case, the blue accent wall acts as an attractive centerpiece that balances the yellow lighting and warm undertones from the wooden counters. You can use this wall to showcase various décor or art pieces. Look for the Benjamin Moore Athenian Blue 773 color to get this exact shade.

Meanwhile, the yellow lighting evokes a feeling of warmth that makes this large kitchen cozy despite its size. The pendant Light is from Juno’s track system, although you can find a similar model in Robert Abbey’s Echo Narrow Pendant.

Besides, you could also add a warm-toned multicolored ceramic backsplash for more pizzazz. This is from Ann Sacks Zenweave 45,46, Grout – Bone.

2. Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Muted Yellow and Steel Blue Furniture

farmhouse style kitchen with muted yellow and steel blue furniture
farmhouse style kitchen with muted yellow and steel blue furniture. image © amoroso-design.com

One of the most appealing things about farmhouse design is its incredible sense of warmth and approachability. You can see how the steel-blue furniture complements the muted yellow from the walls and curtains in the image above. This tasteful combination is a great way to ensure your kitchen feels homey.

If you’d like to get this effect in your kitchen, we recommend checking out Sherwin Williams’ Harmonic Tan SW6136. Alternatively, Benjamin Moore’s Stone House and Shaker Beige HC-45 are similar shades. Feel free to choose the one you can find more efficiently or that suits your home better.

This kitchen is perfect for making it feel like you are in a countryside cottage or cabin, overlooking vast plains and rural landscapes. You can even choose curtain designs that match the upholstery on your dining chairs. Check out the fabric chairs from Schumacher.

Additionally, this eat-in kitchen has white cabinets and a backsplash to neutralize the darker blue shades. Use stainless-steel appliances to complete the traditional farmhouse look.

3. French Breakfast Room and Kitchen featuring Banana Cabinets and Carolina Upholstery

french breakfast room and kitchen featuring banana cabinets and carolina upholstery
french breakfast room and kitchen featuring banana cabinets and carolina upholstery. image © adeenidesigngroup.com

There is nothing more stylish than a breakfast room and kitchen combination for those who like French-inspired designs. Try pairing banana cabinets with Carolina plaid upholstery for a unique and quintessentially country interior in this kitchen.

Some of these cabinets could be glass-doored to showcase the colorful china within, adding even more personality to your kitchen. You could also place a banana-colored vase on the island table for some outdoor vibes.

If you cannot find cabinets with this shade, consider painting your own in Midday 6695. Meanwhile, you can achieve the same walls by painting them Lily 6693 from Sherwin Williams.

To highlight the beautiful Carolina upholstery, perhaps use a dark wood dining table. This will bring out the blue shade even more prominently. For a final touch, you could hang an intricate yet antique chandelier too.

4. Contemporary yet Homey Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Pale-Yellow Walls

contemporary yet homey kitchen with blue cabinets and pale-yellow walls
contemporary yet homey kitchen with blue cabinets and pale-yellow walls. image © angelafreedesign.com

Not a fan of bright, bold colors? Do not worry. There is still the choice to combine muted blue grey cabinets with pale-yellow walls. Pair them with a light wood kitchen floor so that you can create a contemporary but still homey kitchen.

If you see the picture attached above, the shaker cabinets are complemented with a few kitchen appliances of the same shade. This will help evoke a seamless and thematic look that is more modern.

You could enhance the detail with a multicolored backsplash, although you don’t choose a vibrant color that will clash with the rest of the design. Knowing how to balance different colors is an essential skill in designing your dream kitchen.

Furthermore, this is an excellent interior style for a smaller home, as there is no island. This opens up the middle of the kitchen so you can move around freely and work more efficiently.

The paint color we’ve used on the walls is from Benjamin Moore’s stunning collection, the OC-1 Natural Wicker. The matte sheen is quite beautiful indeed. Meanwhile, the cabinets use by Christopher Peacock. It is the CPPI-22 Cookham Gray with a satin sheen. Pairing these colors together creates a beautiful kitchen!

5. Classic U-Shaped Kitchen with Prussian Blue Cabinets and Fire Yellow Ceramic Backsplash

classic u-shaped kitchen with prussian blue cabinets and fire yellow ceramic backsplash
classic u-shaped kitchen with prussian cabinets and fire ceramic backsplash. image © lyonsarchitect.com

Not enough space for a sprawling kitchen with a fancy island? This classic u-shaped kitchen design could provide some inspiration for you. Despite the small space, it doesn’t feel cramped, thanks to the stylish combination of colors and design.

The Prussian cabinets make up many of the kitchen, including the recessed-panel cabinets that provide ample storage. You could get a similar shade from Sherwin Williams’ SW 6529 Scanda or SW6 530 Revel Blue.

To balance out the dark tones of this furniture, add a yellow tiled backsplash and countertop. It could also be a good idea to use warm yellow lights to maintain a homey and comfortable glow throughout.

Finally, adding a few greens can also help brighten up space, especially if there are windows to let natural light in.

6. Sunny Yellow Retro Kitchen and Blue Accent Details to Blend Past and Current Trends

sunny yellow retro kitchen and blue accent details to blend past and current trends
sunny yellow retro kitchen and blue accent details to blend past and current trends. image © jacksondesignandremodeling.com

This image depicts a retro-styled kitchen with an overall sunny yellow decor and hints of blue accent. The interior is an ode to trends from the past, from the tiled countertop, floors, to ceramic backsplash.

Of course, having an all-yellow room can be monotonous. That’s where the touches of turquoise plates, bowls, and hand towels come into play. These pops of color will provide a fun way to express your style.

Aside from the bright color palette, consider getting retro appliances like the stovetop and refrigerator. It’s a quick and easy way to add some character into the kitchen. Not to mention the yellow tiles and yellow countertops, all of which add different shades and textures of yellow.

7. U-Shaped Kitchen with Chartreuse Backsplash and Turquoise Accessories

u-shaped kitchen with chartreuse backsplash and turquoise accessories
u-shaped kitchen with chartreuse backsplash and turquoise accessories. image © nbrdesignbuild.com

In this u-shaped kitchen, the dominating color is a neutral mix of white and grey, which makes up the cabinets and walls. These cabinets are in Benjamin Moore Delray Gray. However, the chartreuse backsplash and turquoise accessories immediately elevate the space to a new dimension.

The bright yellow backsplash runs across the length of the wall for a fun pop of color. This could be a place to store and display some of your nicer crockery, glasses, and cooking oil.

Other details you can see are the stainless-steel appliances and white marbled countertops. This gives the kitchen a modern look that is still chic and full of style.

8. Eat-in Kitchen with Blue Cabinet and Yellow Ceramic Backsplash for Modern Color Balance of Warm and Cold Shades

eat-in kitchen with blue cabinet and yellow ceramic backsplash for modern color balance of warm and cold shades
eat-in kitchen with blue cabinet and yellow ceramic backsplash for modern color balance of warm and cold shades. image © chrdauer.com

In this eat-in kitchen, there is a creative play with warm and cold shades to create a truly fresh and modern design. As the image shows, the kitchen is almost split into two sides of opposing colors.

On the right are blue cabinets and countertops, as well as blue wire chairs. However, the left side is much warmer in tone with its yellow ceramic backsplash and red chair.

The white cabinets, walls, and ceiling here act as a seamless unit that runs throughout the kitchen to combine the two sides. The wooden flooring and table provide a similar effect as they stand in the center of the room.

For more details, you can hang some white pendant lights that add a subtly warm glow. This will bring the entire design together and make the kitchen feel much more homely.

9. Evoke the Ambience of An Elegant Kitchen Through Intricate Blue Patterns with Flax Walls

evoke the ambience of an elegant kitchen through intricate blue patterns with flax walls
evoke the ambience of an elegant kitchen through intricate blue patterns with flax walls. image © evemodedesign.com

Are classic and elegant the two words that more capture your style? The image above illustrates how you can use blue and yellow colors in the kitchen to evoke a high-class and timeless sense.

For example, the intricate blue patterns of oriental flower design run throughout the room. You can see it on the pillows, curtains, and even tablecloth. The textured backsplash also has a slight blue tinge to it. While it may be challenging to get the same print like these, you can easily find similar patterns from Ralph Lauren and other fabric companies.

Meanwhile, the flax walls are a clever touch to add some color and drama to space. The shade is achieved with a custom blend from several Benjamin Moore paints.

As you can see, pairing this style with a medium-shade wood flooring is a good idea too. To avoid making the kitchen seem cluttered, perhaps use white cabinets to provide some balance.

10. Combine Space Blue and Royal Yellow for a Unique and New Farmhouse Kitchen

combine space blue and royal yellow for a unique and new farmhouse kitchen
combine space blue and royal yellow for a unique and new farmhouse kitchen. image © hendrickschurchill.com

The farmhouse interior style does not always have to feel too classic and outdated. In this case, you can get a uniquely country vibe while evoking a new farmhouse style. You can do this by blending space blue and royal yellow.

As in the picture above, the royal yellow cabinets, island, and accent wall highlight the kitchen’s bright side. These bright yellow cabinets and trim are painted in Babouche by Farrow and Ball.

You can place a vase of fresh sunflowers to enhance the ambiance even more. It’s hard to imagine feeling down when you’re in a kitchen like this!

Try to incorporate space blue for the backsplash and countertops to balance out the vibrancy. This classy color helps to make the kitchen look modern and contemporary while still embracing that comfy farmhouse feel.

11. Contrast Royal Blue with Amber Yellow Walls for A Classic Kitchen and Dining Room

contrast royal blue with amber yellow walls for a classic kitchen and dining room
contrast royal blue with amber yellow walls for a classic kitchen and dining room. image © wdesign.com

Maybe you prefer a more classic look with bold and dark color choices, in which case try pairing royal blue with amber yellow for contrasting yet captivating walls. The picture above shows a unique blue and yellow dining room connected to the kitchen.

The best thing about this style is the evocation of a royal and traditional ambiance. It’s a perfect alternative to the minimalist simplicity of modern trends.

You can add intricate furniture like a dark wood shelving unit, hanging lamp, and matching dining chairs. Another detail that works well here is a whimsical curtain design and some fresh flowers on the table.

12. Timeless Wooden Kitchen and Dining Room Combo with Pastel Turquoise Walls and Warm Lights

timeless wooden kitchen and dining room combo with pastel turquoise walls and warm lights
timeless wooden kitchen and dining room combo with pastel turquoise walls and warm lights. image © ghid.design

Are you going for a more timeless design that will make your kitchen and home look truly stunning, no matter how many years go by? If so, then a design like the one shown in the picture above could be for you.

The traditional wood is heavily featured in this kitchen and dining room combo. You can see how the pastel turquoise walls are gently illuminated by warm yellow lights and earth-toned bamboo curtains. These light fixtures are from Circa Lighting. At the same time, the wall color is painted in Woodlawn Blue HC-147 by Benjamin Moore.

Besides, you can place a large patterned rug underneath the furniture to tie up the entire space together. Simultaneously, the white chairs and windowsills provide a light touch to balance out the colors.

13. Traditional and Cozy French Provincial Kitchen Fuses Royal Blue Furniture and Yellow Paint

traditional and cozy french provincial kitchen fuses royal blue furniture and yellow paint
traditional and cozy french provincial kitchen fuses royal blue furniture and yellow paint. image © Lindy Donnelly

Finally, our last inspiration for today is this traditional and cozy French provincial kitchen. It is the perfect style for those who prefer a “lived-in” vibe with dark colors, antique decor, and hot lights.

The royal blue cabinets here are contrasted with the white top cabinets for a nice balance. Yet you can also see hints of this dark blue shade throughout, from the pillow to detailed backsplash tiles.

Meanwhile, the yellow paint covers the walls of this kitchen for a warm feeling. This atmosphere is enhanced by the warm glows from the candelabra and wooden dining table.

Another detail that stands out in this kitchen design is the row of copper pots and pans. Not to mention the tasteful placement of decorative plates along the wall.


So, what are your thoughts on these blue and yellow kitchen designs? Did they spark any inspiration for your kitchen?

The good news is that certain shades of blue and yellow go incredibly well with each other. It’s almost impossible to clash them, especially if you’re opting for a more subtle approach.

With that said, we still recommend pondering on the color combination that you choose and how it will affect the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Remember that it’s a place where you might be spending a lot of your time! Make sure it’s as beautiful and comfy as possible.